preMeD™ 59 Circulating Tumor DNA Screening

preMeD™ 59 Circulating Tumor DNA Screening

Based on the findings in Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer (COSMIC), the authoritative database in United Kingdom, we detect the presence of 59 types of ctDNA in 10ml blood sample with patented technologies. We provide clients an ultra-early signal of cell mutation related to 24 types cancers even its still in development stage.

  • Discover in time Discovering the mutated cell in early stage and treat accordingly could increase the survival rate
  • Board Coverage preMeD™ 59 Circulating Tumor DNA Screening cover 59 types of ctDNA which related to 24 types of mutated tumor cell.
  • Reliable & Accurate Concreted R&D background More than 30,000 cases done globally (up to March 2017) Specificity: >95%
  • Non-invasive 10 ml blood needed ONLY, suitable to all, even elderly, children and pregnant women
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