Stem Cell Fluid Ampoules

Stem Cell Fluid Ampoules

Skin stem cells possess powers of self-reproduction. When they divide, a new skin cell is created in the immediate vicinity of the stem cell. This in turn divides and migrates to the horny layer. The presence of such stem cells is crucial to wound healing, etc., because without stem cells, no new skin cells would be formed in the skin.
With increasing age, the cells' power of division decreases and the regenerative processes take place at a considerably slower pace. Additional negative influences (e.g. UV radiation) lessen the stem cells' reproductive capabilities still further. This is when plant-based stem cells become particularly useful to human skin. They possess the same properties as human stem cells, i.e. they are self-replicating and stimulate the regeneration process.
Stem Cell Fluid contains a plant-based stem cell extract from the particularly robust “Uttwiler Spätlauber” apple variety. The special feature of these applies is that they can be stored for a long time whilst retaining their “crunchy freshness”.
Stem Cell Fluid supports skin regeneration by protecting and fortifying human skin cells. The life cycle of the cells is extended in this way. Hyaluronic acid additionally strengthens the moisture retention barrier of skin which requires regeneration.

• Anti-aging fluid
• Supports the regeneration process
• Stimulates cell renewal in mature skin
• Increases the skin's resilience
• Smoothes lines and creases

Apple stem cell extract: Malus domestica fruit cell cultures obtained from the “Uttwiler Spätlauber”, an old variety of apple from Switzerland; stimulates skin stem cell activity
Long-chain hyaluronic acid: Skin-caring, moisturizing, smoothing 
Short-chain hyaluronic acid: Extreme moisturizing and moisture-retaining effect, high moisture binding capacity, lifts and smoothes the surface of the skin from its depths

Home care application
Gently distribute Stem Cell Fluid onto cleansed skin. To do so, break off the top of the ampoule, protecting your hands with a paper tissue, and pour the entire content into the palm of your hand. Then distribute evenly over the face and neck and press in gently. For external use only.

Application note: Application with ion-tophoresis only if the skin condition permits.

Product electrode polarity: NEGATIVE (-), duration: 3-5 minutes.

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