Melafadin Fluid Ampoules

Melafadin Fluid Ampoules

Undesired hyperpigmentation is often limited to certain areas of skin. The skin appears dirty and flecked. Disturbing brown to dark brown flecks of differing dimensions are visible and react by spreading when exposed to even minor doses of sunlight.
Melafadin Fluid is a special concentrate with effective skin brighteners which inhibit melanin synthesis at its very source, block melanin maturation and finally inhibit melanin uptake into the horny layer's cells.
With regular application and adequate UV protection, dark pigmentation flecks become paler and the skin becomes brighter.

• Brightening of dark skin discolorations
• Balances the color and structure of the complexion
• Moisturizing
• Ideal for hyperpigmentation

Long-chain hyaluronic acid: Cares for the skin, moisturizes, smoothes
Lipoamino acid: (INCI: undecylenoyl phenylalanine), effective skin brightener, verifiably blocks the α-MSH receptors on the surface of the melanocytes
Vitamin C phosphate: Stabilized ascorbic acid; stable in water; is transformed into free vitamin C on the skin by the skin's native enzymes (esterases); inhibits melanin maturation
Plant extract SORR: Highly-active extract consisting of Siegesbeckia orientalis and Rabdosia rubescens; inhibits melanin absorption into the keratinocytes, has a soothing and antioxidant effect, promotes an even, radiant complexion

Home care application
Distribute Melafadin Fluid gently over the cleansed skin. To do this, break off the top of the ampoule, using a paper tissue to protect your hands, and pour the entire content into the palm of your hand. Then distribute evenly over the face and neck and press in gently. 
Regular application for 4 weeks every 2-3 months has proved particularly effective.
During this time, the skin should be protected from direct exposure to the sun. Use of Melafadin Day Protection with SPF 20 (Ref. 3310) or Face Guard SPF 30 is optimal. For external use only.

Application note: Application with iontophoresis only if the skin condition permits.

Product electrode polarity: NEGATIVE (-), duration: 3-5 minutes.

Tip: For effective “skin brightening in 4 steps”, daily skin care should be supple
mented with FAIR SKIN cosmeceuticals.

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