3D LifeViz® Body

3D LifeViz® Body


The 3D LifeViz® 360° system consists of a portable 3D camera along with a turntable, which allows you to capture eight images in less than a minute. Once the images are transferred to a software suite, through an elaborate and automatic calculation process, a 360° rendering of the patient’s body area is produced. The results are realistic and they allow the physician to observe the body from all views with remarkable detail and accuracy.

With the system, I can determine a treatment plan with the patient by simulating post-procedure, take circumference measurements at different treatment stages and calculate volume loss of each treated area of the body by easily drawing a circle around the target zone. For breasts, we are able to simulate several augmentation possibilities and choose the type of surgery, i.e. mammary implants or lipofilling. In the case of non-surgical procedures, the software offers the opportunity to investigate the haemoglobin and melanin composition, helping the physician to decide on the best non-surgical body contouring system to use.

The latest innovation which has been introduced is the possibility to show before and after volume comparisons thanks to the silhouette transparent projection.

All these possibilities with the LifeViz® 360° Body approach represent a great advantage for the doctor but also for the patients, who can feel confident about the clinic’s professionalism and visualise the tangible improvement they have obtained. The innovation has arrived. Let’s all benefit from it.


Source: “Tree dimensional photography to manage patient expectations with non-surgical body contouring devices” Paolo Bonan, MD,

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